Thursday, 5 July 2012

Muckle Loch; a fine night in Hamnavoe

As the fog hung over the edge of The Clift Hills this evening Scalloway was getting a spot of sun for the first time in a few days and it was lovely and warm, so after tea we headed off to Burra. There's a great place there called 'The Muckle Loch' where rumour has it kids from Burra used to be taught to swim. The dam on the end of it says 1960, an ideal length of pool, deep in the middle and shallow at the sides with a great view.

Beren wasn't sure whether to join me or not, but definitely wanted me to jump in.

I had hope it might be a ad warmer than the adjacent atlantic what with the rocks and the trapped water, but it was a real surprise that it was actually pleasantly warm. In no time Beren was stripping off to join me!

Laying back eyes shut on this wonderful evening was just shear bliss!

After lots of cajoling Clare even came in for a dip...

It's not a bad spot for an evening dip is it?

We wandered back to Hamnavoe via The Smuggler Cave to check on our geocache and then just soaked in the evening sun...

Our little King of the Caslte had a great time and can't wait to go back with his friend...


  1. Wow what a treat. Will have to pay that a visit.

  2. Around 15 minutes walk from Hamnvoe, GR HU367 352. Fingers crossed for the weather for you it's not so nice just now.

  3. Ooh, lovely. I haven't been brave enough to go into my lake without my wetsuit of late! And that didn't land like that, did you? hehe, that would have hurt!

  4. Hehehe.. no it would be a little painful to land like that! The sea temp according to the web is still only 12c here, so very bracing. You'd need a wetsuit for anything more than a daft splash. I do have a drysuit but they're not very good for swimming in, ok for coasteering and going across narrows. Need a new wetsuit as mine has the arms and shoulders cut off for kayaking so fills up a bit.