Thursday, 26 July 2012

A few pics...

I've been a bit quiet on here what with the lovely summer weather (umph!) and and other commitments including working fulltime now, but I thought I'd just put a few photos up from some places I've been this last week.

Breckon Sands is an award winning beach up past Cullivoe on Yell that I discovered through work not so long ago. And well worthy of an award it is with fantastic dunes, beautiful sands, water and interesting local history. Clare and Beren have not had the chance to go there yet, but they will soon...

While up on Yell I took the chance for a quick snap of The Windhouse; Shetland's most famous haunted house. As you can see it was a fine day so I had no worries that 'The Lady in Silk' would get me. It'd certainly have a different atmosphere there on a dark windy night. Sadly the place is fenced of with barbed wire so I couldn't get in, well it is obviously pretty dangerous as well as a listed building. It must have been a fantastic house in it's day...

The last few of days have been a bit brighter, but this morning there was a fog hanging about so I thought some black and white would suit this photo of the old fishing house 'The Bod of Nesbister'

We live pretty much at the end of the Tingwall valley with Asta Loch and it's golf course just around the corner. I've no interest in golf, but it's a grand location for a course and the valley with Asta and Tingwall lochs and the surrounding hills is pretty special, especially when you can just put on your boots and go for a wander from your front door...

Tomorrow is Clare and I's 10th wedding anniversary. As you can see from the picture ours wasn't the standard church wedding. It was a fantastic weekend we had with friends and family and we're hoping to have a fantastic day out on Noss tomorrow to celebrate and probably have a bit of posh nosh at some point too. I just hope the weather stays fair or it'll be another cancelled trip to Noss!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both and I hope the weather stays fair for you. I arrive in Shetland tomorrow for 19 days and will be off up to Yell once I have picked up my hire car and introduced my friend to Lerwick. Soo excited to be coming back up there. Will definitely be spending some time at Breckon sands so who knows we might even bump into each other. At least I will know who I am looking out for with your great photography. LOL. Have a great anniversary and I wish you both many more years of happiness. Xx

  2. Cheers, but it's a poor day today, Noss ferry not on, but a minke whale was sighted alongside the Yell ferry this morning so wish you luck tomorrow!

  3. P.S. I'm rather lacking in the hair department now LOL!