Sunday, 3 June 2012

West Burra

While Clare and Beren were doing a Sunday morning I went out for a stroll around the coast near Papil on Burra. Parking at the carpark for Bannaminn beach I headed west to the coast. It was a breezy but stunning day and the skies were full of birds.

Looking south down Kettla Ness from Virda.

A pair of ravens were hopping around the cliff edges and being hassled by black backed gulls...

 I was heading north up the coast for Whale Wick where you can see the stacks, just past Ruff Loch. A lovely little loch that empties over the cliff edge into the bay.

There are some nice little coves at Whale Wick and arches in those stacks.

The fulmars were on patrol...

 As well as them the air was full of black backed gulls and artic terns that were fishing both in the bay and the loch and plenty of noisy oyster catchers. I was lucky to see the arctic skuas come across too, but they were constantly hassled by the terns and the very aggressive oyster catchers. Again my lack of lens let me down, but here they are just as another oyster catcher raid was coming down on them.

I had a great walk and was driving home ready for some dinner when I spied a long tailed skua come up the bank from East Burra and over the top of the car. Quickly stopping I got out and untangled my camera from the junk in the car and managed to grab a few quick snaps as it passed back over towards East Burra. Again it was hassled by oyster catchers and couldn't settle anywhere.

Later in the evening we went for a walk with friends out from Hamnvoe over to the smugglers cave and left a geocache there before carrying on round the coast for a picnic at Meal beach where we sat watching the terns fish and the odd Bonxie wheel over head.

Not a bad day really!


  1. Hmm. Getting bored of the birds down here! Send us down some long-tailed skuas - they're cool!!

    1. Yeh lots of interesting birds up here and scooty Alan is one of them!