Thursday, 28 June 2012

Largely local...

I've not been straying too far from home lately. Largely local walks of around 4 miles from the house on the lovely evenings we've been having. I've been enjoying walking over Berry Hill to Burwick and round past the lighthouse and Maa Ness and also up Berry Lane and the Hill of Houlland which over looks Tingwall and Asta Loch on one side and out over the west on the other.

There's been some cracking sunsets...

Walking round the coast from Burwick there's still plenty of bird activity going on with lots wheatears, curlews, terns and oyster catchers making a racket on my evening walks. Some one's obviously been feasting well on sea urchins too as the banks have been littered with the fresh remains. Some neatly opened specimens would have been great to take home, but the stinky slop inside was a bit off putting!

I'm assuming some one set this one up. If the float had been a mine it definitely would have been a 'mini-me' moment, but as it was it the symmetry of the urchin and float caught my eye. May be it is just co-incidence or may be the birds are getting arty!

I was lucky to be up north towards Fethaland on a very hot and sunny day this week; checking on some bits and bobs. Coming over the hill I came down to The Kame of Isbister. The knife edge of a ridge leads out to what is presumed to have been a monastic settlement on the grassy seaward slope. Channel 4's Extreme Archaeology apparently did a show about it and Burgi Geo in Yell. If I find any links to them  I'll post them.

As you can see it's a lovely spot on a day like this, but it must have been pretty wild most times. I've kayaked past here before on my way north to Fethaland. It's not far from Isbister, the end of the mainland road north and well worth a visit if you don't mind the scramble over the short ridge. The beach n the bay below is particularly enticing too...

Thankfully my camera is now back from the repairers so I'll not be restricted to my mobile for photos from now on, just a pity we've got a storm warning for the next couple of days!


  1. Lovely photos Kevin, especially the sunset. Peter

  2. Cheers Peter, wish I had my camera lately the simmer dim evening have been fantastic