Tuesday, 5 June 2012


The jubilee celebrations seem to have pretty much slipped us by. We did watch some of the procession of boats down the Thames and felt a tad sorry for all those out in the rain while it was lovely here and enjoyed some of the live concert, but my main cause for celebration has been with out doubt my best sour dough loaves to date!

Two rustic batons with half whole meal flour...

And fairly fresh from the oven a large white. Blooming lovely!

Almost as lovely as the weather; which has been sunny but cool and just the odd brief sprinkling from the heavens.

Last night I went up Gallows Hill from the house to sit, meditate and watch this wonderful sunset. Sadly, all photos are on my phone for a while as my camera needs to go away to Nikon hospital, boo hoo...

Beren has been really getting excited about geocaching so we've been out and about doing that. It's great incentive for him to walk to places, but unfortunately many are too near the road, so called cache and dashes!

He's scootered to one in Scalloway and tramped to a few more, but we came across an odd one today out at Hulma Water. A nano magnetic one! I was hoping it was going to be on the great little island with a rock causeway to it, but it wasn't. It was very hard to find though as we didn't realise what we were looking for, more like something out of James Bond, a tiny little cylinder with a roll of paper in to sign and magnetically stuck some where!

We also went out to another one at Staneydale Temple which turned out to be on the roadside, but we had a good walk while we there to the temple and there abouts.

Looking over Scutta Voe. Foula was very clear to the eye today with detail of the hills even visible...

Some rocky hill tops near the temple where Beren could play his still favourite game, King of the castle. Saying that he has a new walking game now: musical walks, he sings and we have to stop when he stops singing. It must make amusing viewing for anyone watching us from a distance!

Now I'm off to eat some of that bread!


  1. Blimey that bread looks delicious. We havent done any of the jubilee stuff ourselves, though there has been plenty around down here in Nottingham. We are a disinterested household..not anti monarchy but not in the least interested in them or having any wish to partake of their celebrations. Did feel a tad sorry for everyone in the cold and wet though when I was enjoying a bit of piece and quiet in my jewellery workroom!

  2. It was delicious LOL! Well I certainly can't think of a reason why I'd miss them, but an extra day off was nice. We were looking forward to seeing the boats in the pageant, but the coverage wasn't really what I'd hoped Hey Ho...

  3. hi kevin amazing photos on your blog,is Throssel you mentioned in conection with meditation is it based in cumbria? im trying to remember as i have been to two places and if the place is the one im thinking of i had one of the best meditation sessions i have had so far.Your bread looks great i could of ate a slice, say hi to clare.

  4. Hi Vanessa, thanks for you kind comments and Clare says 'Hi'. Throssel Hole Abbey is near Hexham http://www.throssel.org.uk/


  5. I always love your blog - just catching up having been away visiting folks and having a Birthday trip to Aberdeen. Loved the Jubilee and even better was seeing the Olympic Torch in Aberdeen. Thank goodness I did not miss it as it was such a brilliant atmosphere.

  6. I did some geocaching in Shetland on our recent visit - I found the Hulma Water one too with my minicacher during torrential rain! Nano caches are common where I live, but they very rarely have as good views as the Shetland ones!

    The bread looks fab.

  7. Thanks for your comments. I'm feeling a little de-motivated to pos at the moment with my lack of camera but it's nice to hear that people enjoy the blog.

    The bread is lovely, but managing my sour dough in a cold house has it's challenges and it's very slow.