Saturday, 2 June 2012

Foals and Nugles

This morning I took a wander over to East Burra to see if I could see the long tailed skuas that are over there. I didn't see them, but I did get some good views of a pair of artic skuas flying around and being harangued by oyster catchers, along with great skuas, curlews and plenty of other birds. I also saw a group of birdwatchers going up the banks where the long tailed skuas are nesting. Naughty naughty... there have been very clear requests for people not to go into the breeding areas, so don't! Sadly with my feeble lens power I couldn't get any decent photos of the birds, but it was great to watch them whirling around.

On the way home I went across to my favourite little beach on West Burra to see what was happening. The seals were there as usual along with terns and eiders, but the best surprise was the new batch of foals. So cute!

I could actually hear the slurping!

This foal was a bit wary of mum having a good old roll and scratch...

A little session of pony yoga on a fine day...

Later this evening we took a stroll up the Burn of Njugals water to Njugals water. It was a lovely evening and the ravens were croaking over head as we headed up the burbling burn. There are lots of little cascades and a section of smooth moss covered rocks with the burn flowing down. Not the most amazing burn in the world, but lovely none the less and Beren scaled.

It was actually some black backed gulls that were annoying the ravens not us. I guess they must be nesting up there some where.

When we got to Njugals water I was just telling Clare that last time I was here there were loads of arctic hares when the hill side suddenly seemed to move with loads of grey white blobs as easily over a dozen hare started heading up the far hill. Along with the hares the hillside was also covered with dozens of black backed gulls and the banks of the loch were littered with the remains of many fish with vertebrae everywhere.

It was silent up here save for the gentle swish of the Burradale sisters not far behind us.

On the way back I took Beren to see an old underground bunker not far off the track. We signed our selves into the geocache book that was in it and called for trowies, but thankfully never came across any!

As we headed down to the car there was a great view looking over the Brig o' Fitch and out to Dales Voe were I was sailing yesterday...

If it stay fine we'll likely be out with friends for a picnic tomorrow, though where we'll go I don't know yet...

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