Sunday, 17 June 2012

Daddy's Day

I've been well and truly spoilt today! 

When I went to get up this morning after what I thought was a lie in, 8am, I was told to get back up to bed. A short while later I had bacon butties with a big mug of tea to wash them down and a big jar of jelly beans to open.

After a lazy morning Beren decided as it was Daddy's Day we had to go geocaching. Well it's actually him who has the geocaching bug not me and now he has a net to keep the bugs off him!

 No flies on me Dad...

He found the midge net in one of the geocaches we found and much to my embarrasment wanted to wear it even though the wind was enough to blow him away never mind any midgies. As you can see below he is well prepared for his adventuring with his trusty friend, Sheepy, and dog tags on his coat.

We found 4 geocaches in total on our little jaunt and Sheepy and Lenny took turns in accompanying us to find them. We took along a selection of dinosaurs too to exchange for treasures in the caches. So today he came away with a midge net, a plastic key and a sand timer (that runs for all of 4 seconds!). A nano magnetic thingy nearly had us foxed again and one we had to be very careful not to let any muggles (non-geocachers) see us. There was one more we hoped to do but time was getting on and we had to get home for my special Father's Day tea.

And special it was steak and home made apple pie. Clare had even made a gorgeous cornbeef pie. A big chunk of both pies will be coming with me to Uyea tomorrow, purely survival rations of course!

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