Friday, 29 June 2012

Bruna Ness, Burra

We had a pretty wild night last night, the first in a while, but this morning the wind had dropped and the rain had stopped for all it was very misty.

I thought I'd go for a little wander around Bruna Ness, a small headland at the north end of Burra just as you come off the brig. I'd spied some good looking beaches from over near Scalloway and thought it might be a spot to see some otters. I didn't see any otters or many sign of them, but there was plenty of bird life about, particularly juvenile wheat ears.

looking back to Burra Brig hiding in the mist...

Along with the wheat ears were the terns and oyster catchers making their calls; surprisingly there weren't many bonxies over here and they weren't aggressive either.

Looking across to Hamnavoe...

I went down the west side of the ness and worked my way north round the end with black backed gulls, fulmars and hooded crows cruising the banks. A bit further out the terns were diving, razor bills disappearing into the sea and groups of eiders too.

I soon came to the nice looking beach and had a bite to eat...

The mist was starting to clear a little by now and I kept seeing the odd red admiral coming over the banks, but none of them were settling long enough to get a photo of them.

Again the banks were covered with the remain of sea urchins. They have the most vicious looking teeth for such a lovely looking thing. The mouths underneath are made of 5 of these jaws with a long sharp tooth poking through them. From the outside they don't look much but compared to the size of the urchin they are massive.

As I sat there an old sail boat quietly motored past green Holm on it's way into Scalloway; an odd sight as it appeared out of the mist...

Slowly heading back south now towards the brig I walked into the slight breeze keeping an eye out on the exposed shore hoping for an otter, but not today. 

On the way home I made a quick stop on Blacks Ness Pier to see the boat that had passed me. It was the Loyal and this was it's first stop since leaving Bergen. By all accounts they'd had a wet and windy night while the rest of us were tucked up in bed.

This weekend is full of parties for Beren, one for his best mate who broke his wrist minutes before school was out for summer! I'm sure we'll fit some other things in though if the rough weather doesn't return.


  1. It's been a bit wild in the Midlands too including a spectacular storm in the week. Thankfully we weren't personally affected. Counting the days down now till I come to Shetland...only 28 days to go. :D

  2. Hope the crossings fine for you!

  3. Well that was a surprise lovely day today - even managed to catch some rays!