Friday, 4 May 2012

Sumburgh Puffins: an egg is laid!

Well what a busy day for Shetland; council elections, the announcement that SERCO will take over the north boat contract and an egg is laid on puffin cam at Sumburgh! At the moment camera 2 has the best footage to watch.

There will be photo's about of the happy moment I'm sure, but I missed it. In these couple of screen shots you can see the happy parents though and just see the egg in the middle of the top picture as they swapped over duties.

They've also been in and out with more dry grass bedding. I'm surprised they've not been to Harry's for a hot water bottle as we've had snow on and off all day, even heavy at times. Nothing's laying yet, but we are forecast even more over the weekend!

In other news... I've recently taken charge of a 15ft colander. In a former life it was known as a grumman aluminium canoe. With the filling of numerous holes, sealing of rivets and the replacement of the seats it will once again paddle off into the sunset as a canoe that I'm sure we'll have fun with in the more sheltered spot up here. So far Beren and I have removed the remains of the old seats, cut new timber for the seats to size and painted them. With luck - and a lack of snow - we might get the seats fitted and even have it water tight! The all I need is to whittle a couple of paddles and keep my fingers crossed for a cheap 5hp outboard coming up second hand.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be watching as the egg was
    laid! Couldn't believe my eyes or my luck ;) Hope you have found all the holes that need plugging and have some dry weather to try it out. It's pretty grey and wet in Nottingham snow though.