Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scrae Field and there abouts

Despite the forecast of fog and mist spoiling this wonderful spell of weather, today, my day off, was a scorcher. After getting plenty of washing done and out on the line I drove over to Sundibanks to go for a wander up this nothern end of The Clift Hills to Scrae Field and the remains of the wartime radio station that you often see silhouetted up there.

As a followed the track round the shore hordes of tern were on the ebb stones, oyster catchers were piping and  a myriad of gulls were flying around. it seems everything was making the most of the day.

Once up on the top the view south along the hills and out to sea was fantastic.

I was soon starting to head across the saddle from the cost for the climb up the heather to Scrae Field. Looking back there was a wonderful lenticular cloud streaming the length of the hills.

And in the middle was a guy with his old tractor and three dogs cutting peats.

We had a bit of a chat and he told me how they're cut and stacked. Pointed out a fair sized tree root from times gone by that was interfering with some of his cuts. He's from Wester Quarff and said that in the old days folk would walk this route to Scalloway for their messages if it was too windy to row. They made them tough in those day eh?!

Looking down the valley of Sundibanks Burn. This old tractor had some starlings nesting in it.

Scalloway in the distance...

After my chat it was time for a steep climb up the banks to the old wartime radio station that's not far off the summit to Scrae Field. It is up about 8 feet on legs and the stair case that used to lead to the front door was gone, so I scrabbled some blocks together enough to get a grip of the door step and drag myself up and in. 

Looking out the front door with Green Holm in the centre of the door 'frame'...

And another view of Scalloway and that amazing cloud from the front door of the look out...

After managing not to break a leg or ankle getting back down I headed up to the trig point on Scrae Field, a whopping 216m. 

What a view on a day like this, just a pity it was a bit too bright, hazy and windy for a full 360 panorama.

Looking south to the remains of the radio station from the trig point...

I carried on north towards Tou Field and came across these three Bonxies who were also admiring the view...

They few off and about and settled not far away. Soon they'll be nesting and flying at me if I get anywhere near.

I had thought about carrying on to Bersa Hill and following the Easter Houll track back to the car, but the sun was getting to me by now, so I took a short cut back to Sundibanks and was soon off into town to get my messages, but by car!

The weather is forecast to continue so with any luck I'll get out some where tomorrow too after work...

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  1. How glorious it looks...much nicer than hot London. Hubbie and I have just checked into a B & B for an early start at Chelsea flower show tomorrow. A Xmas present from my 2 youngest children. Its something I have always wanted to visit so it is a really thoughtful gift but I am so looking forward to Shetland in early August...for me nothing compares. Hope you managed to get out after work today :)