Monday, 28 May 2012

Lochs of Brouster

I had occasion to go out west to The Loch of Brouster next to The Bridge of Walls today. It's some where I driven past plenty of time, but had no good reason to stop. There's some many great water bodies out west it's hard to choose.

There is a sign that says Upper Brouster 2.8km, but don't let that fool you if you just want a little stroll. It may be 2.8km around the loch, but not to get to it!

It was another wonderful day with gorgeous skies and thankfully a nice breeze too. I loved these faint 'smeared' clouds up over the hills..

Brace burn drains down from the much larger loch of Voxterby a few hundred yards further north...

Upper Brouster has a salmon farm in it. Unsurprisingly some of the salmon have escaped over the years and I'm assured that if you want to catch a good meal it's the place to fish. I may have to get my self a rod!

Looking south from the bridge at the north end of the loch...

It was lovely to see some of the water side plants flowering, soon the irises will be at it too.

Looking south into Brouster (lower?) Loch with The Bridge of Walls crossing it's exit into the Voe of Browland...

The west is so full of lochs and the way the voes cut right into it makes interesting, but often frustrating driving if you just want to get some where!

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