Wednesday, 9 May 2012

First foal of the year...

I saw my first foal of the year a few weeks back up near Catfirth, but it was up a gully and fairly distant. Tonight after tea we were heading north to look at a boat at South Nesting when I noticed a really brand new foal in the field at Tingwall, one we could get a proper look at.

Saying that once we'd parked up and Beren had done his flapping scare crow thing as we walked along the fence line the mum was understandably leading the foal further off into the field, so we weren't as close as we could have been. With my poorly endowed camera, no tripod and late evening light, not to mention a Beren I was never going to get a good photo, so here are some at pretty much 100% crop. I'll get back some time on my own and hopefully get some better photos, who knows, there may even be more foals by then!

In other news... the canoe now has paddles. Daddy bear, Mummy bear and Baby bear sized bodged from some old kayak paddles. Wooden ones might come later.

All we need now is a calm day for maiden voyage...


  1. Love the paddles. Can't wait to see Beren using his one, it looks as though it will give at least 1BP (Beren Power) of thrust. ;)

  2. Hehehe yeh! Hopefully you won't see us on the news hanging from a helicopter!