Sunday, 6 May 2012

Creative Clare...

It's been an odd weekend what with waking to up a white world on Saturday. The snow soon melted off, but what a day, sunshine one minute and close to blizzard at other times. We had a lazy day doing household things.

Today's been a mixed day too, but with showers and lovely sunshine instead of the snow of yesterday. Despite talks of visiting the photo exhibition and teas at Whiteness and Skeld we've not ventured far and had another lazy one.

Beren and I have got the canoe ready for her maiden voyage some time soon, I just need to wrangle a couple of paddles out of some wood. I've been excited at the prospect of applying for a relief part-time lighthouse keeper, who wouldn't be?! Hopefully it'd fit in with my new job I start in a couple of weeks as Outdoor Access Officer (job shared) for Shetland.

Meanwhile Clare has been busy being creative. Firstly she's made me my favourite Hairy Biker's cornbeef pie. We had some for dinner and she did hid it away in the freezer to make it last longer much to my displeasure.

Feeling faint at my lack of outing and Sunday tea today I remembered that The Scalloway Meat Company had some jars of clotted Devon cream in and persuaded Clare to make some scones to accompany it. I left Clare to it while I fell asleep reading my book The Day Is Dark, a crime thriller by Icelandic writer Yrsa Sigurdardottir and woke up to calls to come down and get my fill.

How spoilt am I?! Home made cornbeef pie, sarnies, scones and even milk in a jug (Mam will be proud!) Along with the wit and tunes of Paul O'Grady on radio 2. Love you Clare xxx

Even better, knowing my distress at thinking the pie was in the deepest deep freeze it's now in the fridge, so I can take some to work with me tomorrow along with some more scones and cream, yum.

Beren was at his friend's last night and impressed with his knitted evil baked beans in a can. He wanted Clare to knit him some, but lacking the necessary wool he's got a family of ghosts instead! Three more on the way. Beren and Clare also made this lovely floral display! We never thought to put it on the tea table.

Beren wanted to get in the shot with his flowers and ghosts. As you can see he didn't want to smile though. As you can't see he has his pets with him, one's people don't want, currently a group of parrots, a cat and some where in the shot a rhino! I just hope they don't make a mess...

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