Monday, 2 April 2012

What IS going on?!

As I sit here there's a lovely Christmas winter scene outside my window. Big fluffy flakes of snow that are even laying! Erm... I think some one changed our weather clocks here back to winter time.

Whilst the rest of the UK were basking in 20c plus weather (an all time high of 23.4c for March somewhere I forget in Scotland) we were sweltering in a high of 12.4c; and it did seem hot too, we even had a BBQ on Bannamin Beach! Other than our few days of summer it's been pretty cold, windy, wet and a bit foggy too. So that combined with a lingering lurgy has stopped our wanderings some what and any photos I've taken have just been deleted; not sure if I'm just getting too fussy or if they really were dull.

Oh... I nearly forgot we had an abortive stay in the Bod of Nesbister! It was the 'camping' trip from hell. One thing after another which resulted in us coming home with a poorly tummied Beren and him sleeping in my tent in his bedroom to passify him. He's still sleeping it in now!

Saying that we have been out a bit. Sunday Teas are now well on the agenda and Bixter, Levenwick and South Nesting have all been visited to the pleasure of our taste buds and bellies lately. I keep talking about having a Sunday Tea crawl,but to date it has always seemed to intimidating; I think I'd actually find a pub crawl easier, which is saying something. To offset the affect of all that tea and cake we always go for a wander before hand (after wards sleep is the only thing on the agenda!) so we have been pottering around Levenwick, Ling Ness (dream home) and the Westside over the last weeks. 

My brother and his family come up this Friday for their first visit so I hope the weather can sort itself out by then. We've got lots of ideas for things to do and places to go, but the weather does make a difference. Weather of not we've got the choice of 2 Sunday Teas (that I know of) for Easter Sunday; decisions, decisions...

Now is the schools holidays here. I started it this morning with a visit to the gym, which was a bad idea as I'm now too knackered to go out to Westerwick, which was my plan. Instead I'm going to plan my day trip to Papa Stour on the ferry on Wednesday and a few other things. Well I hope I can go on Wednesday; the weather will decide. 

The ferry name seems appropriate as I doubt it would take much to fill' er! Atleast cars aren't craned on any more.

The ferry leaves West Burrafirth at 9am so it'll be a relatively early start, but hopefully a fantastic day with some nice photo opportunities. Watch this space...

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  1. Papa Stour is a great place to visit Kev. Been there a few times and was absolutely fascinated by the geology.
    But watch out for the sheep crap, it's everywhere.
    Look forward to seeing the pics.