Monday, 2 April 2012

Out and about...

With one thing and another I didn't make the trip over to Westerwick today. I did get out for a walk with my mate and his dog up along Sundibanks opposite Trondra. We had a nice wander putting the world to rights, talking about boats and sailing, 'beer talking' of a trip to The Faroe Islands and shivering as the snow flurries headed in from the west and blasted up the ridge.

Here's the view back to Scalloway from The Kame of Whalwick when it cleared up...

And looking out over Trondra, Burra and out to Foula as a snow flurry headed in...

Looking down the Clift Sound over West Quarf Voe the scene was pretty similar. A lovely day, but blimey it was nippy!

Later this evening we had a family stroll around Asta Loch listening to the curlews and oyster catcher and watching the pair of Swans that seems resident there. It was pretty soft going, but no where near as boggy underfoot as we expected.

Apparently there's a good chance the northern lights will be out tonight, but I've had enough time out in the wintry chill for one day! I just hope it's a bit warmer for my trip on Wednesday.

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