Sunday, 29 April 2012

Out and about in Weisdale

Wow, we've had another amazing day up here! After some house keeping this morning we went out a bit more local. I was wanting to pop into The Bonhoga Gallery up in Weisdale as there is currently Shetland Open Landscape Awards exhibition on display there. This year the theme of landscape can be explored and displayed by pretty much any medium. There are some great pieces of work in there from photos and paintings to textiles and digital media. It's well worth a visit before 10th June; I know I'll be back for another look. I nearly put a photo of mine in it, but decided not to in the end, may be next year if the topic is suitable.

After a look round we went for a stroll down the burn towards the main road. Beren enjoyed throwing stones, grass and sticks in along the way and we did a bit too.

At the southern end just before the main road is Weisdale Kirk. A lovely kirk in a lovely setting with a gem of a garden hidden away on the banks of the burn. I nice place to rest on a day like today.

There were plenty of flowers on show, but these willow catkins caught my eye. Back home the long ones we called lambs tails and you can imagine why.

 Accompanying us on our walk, and also the trip to Skerries, was favour of the moment, Hunny Bunny. As you can see he's actually a giraffe, has a tinkly bell in one hand and a squeak in the other. He spent a lot of time yesterday with his head stuck in the car window, today is a much nicer day for him. He even get's to sit on blue blankie, a real honour!

After returning to Bonhoga we drove round the valley along the voe side to Cott. There's the remains of a settlement there, Sound, with a idyllic grave yard and wonderful old harbour. 

Here's the view looking down to it and across to Kalliness...

A helicopter was sat in someone's park a couple of fields over. Once upon a time there was a row boat ferry across from Sound to Kalliness, seems things have moved on!

As we were going back up to the car it was just leaving too. Don't think he saw my thumb stuck out expectantly...

The harbour at Sound...

The water was lovely, tempting, almost.

The water was pretty clear and the sand was covered by the trails of these not so little snails, along with plenty of cockles hidden in the bed.

Remains of the odd more prickly customer were spread about too...

It's a great place down there and I guess not a bad place to be buried.

Amongst the remains of the houses we found this. I'm not sure exactly what it was used for or how long ago,   or why it was in the seemingly random place we found it. I hope no one was making off with it and decided it was too heavy or something, it'd be nice in a garden, but better staying here.

One of the houses had a plaque on it. The old Haa House and birthplace of John Clunies Ross. A sea captain who moved out to The Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, set up a coconut plantation and apparently declared himself King!

 Funny to think that some one went from this little settlement to be 'King' of his own domain half way around the world and a world away from Shetland!

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