Saturday, 14 April 2012

The origin of suffering is...


Well Buddha said attachment actually and that we can stop suffering by following the way and ceasing attachment. In my case the suffering has, in all likelyhood, temporarily ceased due Clare taking pity on me.

After several days of torment surfing the net for various replacement lenses (and flinching at their costs), reading reviews until my eyes went giddy and seeking advice on forums and facebook I had finally had enough and went for the one that seemed to make most sense. Well sort of. Clare, I think worried for my sanity and desperate to get back on the computer herself, had said she'd get me it for my birthday, so I've got it a week early and I'm very happy. 

Thanks to some sage advice via facebook I finally settled on a mint condition second hand lens from Ffordes Photographic, a nikkor 18-70mm F3.5-4.5 G AFS ED DX, could they make it sound any more complicated?! No VR in there but I can live with that, especially when it was less than half the price of the new lens I initially had thought of.

The lens arrived today, all the way here within 24 hours. It's in perfect condition as far as I can see and is a beast compared to the kit lens I had. It's my first order from Ffordes, but I''ll certainly look there again and recommend them.

Since my family left we've been pretty busy with kids party's, house hold stuff and the like and the weather has been down right crazy, but in a clear spell we went out for a stroll with Beren this evening and I took the camera along to take a few snaps and see what it was like.

Here's Beren shooting me as I try to get out the door. Pity the depth of field is wrong for his finger, but as snaps go it's a nice one of him.

And here's a very cute looking pony up along Berry Lane. Looks cute here, but a few minutes later he didn't like the other ponies getting our attention and there was a right ruckus as he chased them across the field kicking and biting as the valley echoed to the high pitched squeals of them all. Sadly I was too far away for me to grab any action shots of worth, vicious stuff though.

I doubt we'll get out for a walk tomorrow, the last day of our holidays. We've got plenty to get on with and I've some serious swotting up to carry on with, but if we do sneak out for a Sunday Tea we'll have to burn off the cakes up some hill or other.


  1. Sounds as though you will get lots of use out of the new lens. I have finally treated myself to a bridge camera for our trip up in the summer. Sadly it is tuck in customs at the moment as I thought I was buying form a UK site and it ended up coming from the USA. I am doing battle with the company at the moment as the price was advertised as inclusive of VAT and I don't fancy paying another 20% on top. About 25 years ago I was fairly handy with a SLR but over the years have migrated to compact cameras. Now I am breaking myself back in gently with a bridge first. If I ever get it grrrrrr

  2. I really liked my last bridge camera, Fuji HS20 EXR. The site selling as if they are UK are a nuisance, what you don't get asked for more import duties of the courier. If you were handy with a SLR, you'll be ace with the new DSLRs!

  3. Well what do you's a Fuji HS20 EXR that I have ordered! :o)

  4. Well you need to check out...
    There are many posts about the different settings, invaluable. make sure you have the updated firmware on it.

  5. Thanks for the tip. The company have responded this evening and are sorting it out with the delivery company (i.e. paying the fees) so I should hopefully have my camera in the next couple of days, then all will be forgiven.