Sunday, 22 April 2012

Last week Reawick, this week Rerwick...

Last week Beren and I had a trip out to Reawick and today all of us, plus Beren's friend Barron (it get's confusing), went out for a trip to Rerwick, more confusion. Anyway it's a little spot between Bigton and Scousborough. As we walked down towards the beach we had a great view over to Scousborough Sands, Spiggie Loch beyond and Fitful Head beyond that.

My attempt at an arty photo of The Ward of Scousborough as we passed.

The soil was so dark here, practically back in place and was a stark contrast to the pale reed bed in the bottom of the valley.

One of the points of the trip was to see the seals that you can see from the road that runs high above the beach and to visit the isolated beach itself. here's the group of grey seals who always seem to be hauled out here...

We tried to keep the kids calm as we gradually got closer, edging along the dunes, stopping from time to time if they looked disturbed until they settled again.

But, it could only last so long before the bairns decided to walk right up to them and un-surprisingly they made a dash for the sea, so it was time for a cuppa and a bite to eat.

They hung off in the shallows reminding me of surfers waiting for the next set to come in.

The cliffs were full of fulmars, set circling off as we passed, but luckily we didn't get any of their infamous vomit.

Beren had fun making a dam and bridge across of small burn that was coming down the cliffs. Another one ticked off his list for his 50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4

The weather had been showery on and off and as we set off back tot he car it got worse. I took a slight detour around the Ness of Rerwick to have a look further out to sea.

Here's Colsay. One day I'll kayak out to you and round a bouts, may be even camp...

And you get a very different view of St Ninian's from here. A full walk up the coast without the bairns would be good sometime.

As we were down here we decided to carry on to Sumburgh head to see the puffins and other birds that are in now. I saw my first Bonxie of the year and Clare actually saw what we think was a crane at the Pool of Virkie!

Anyway here's some of everyone's favourite bird...

You can watch them on the Puffin Cam too...

We also got a close view of this resident big bird too. I've not seen it fly so close the headland before, may be they wanted to see the puffins too?!

As it was getting on and we'd been busy we thought it would be rude not to visit The Ness Boating Club for a very delicious Sunday Tea. Bakers of The Ness, you're up near the top of my Sunday Tea league now, not quite top spot yet, but after another dip or two in your delights you could be!

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