Friday, 2 March 2012

Northern Lights...

Here's a couple of pictures of the northern lights tonight from Maa Ness, Scalloway, looking north west. A beautiful night out there, just a pity I'm a light weight when it comes to staying up as there's no wind, it's fairly mild and the stars are amazing!

These are both 2 minute exposures, hence the stretched stars, anything over about 20/25 seconds and the stars  start to leave trails. I'm planning to do a really long exposure of  say 20 minutes or more looking at the pole star some time then you'll see the starts circling around it . The only problem is a 20 minute exposure with noise reduction on means 40 minutes to take one photos; time to meditate! The other option is to take lots of shorter exposures and stack them, that's a hassle in other ways, but would probably give a better quality photo.

I'm not sure I have the inclination to do that. 20 minutes looks more like this...

Combined with the northern lights in the background it would be pretty cool!


  1. Wow. The lines in the long exposures look like stitches.

  2. Well there's a new project for you!