Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another quiet one...

It would seem we're all still very much struggling from the flu/lurgy cold that had Clare and beren off ill the other week so we've not been up to much.

Despite the grotty weather though there's always plenty to get up to, if you have the energy. It was South Mainland Up Helly Aa on Friday night, which I gather went down great; Clare was out at a concert Saturday night and there were plenty of other things on if you were out and about. 

Me, I've been mainly sleeping and reading, trying to do something and then giving in to sleeping and reading. Jo Nesbo is the latest author I'm enjoying, Norwegian crime and great, it's just tormenting the thoughts of all those mountains and lakes!

However, I did get out up to a friend's at Vidlin briefly today. Stopped on the way back to watch the Risso's Dolphns that are still at Catfrith one week later, watched a pair of red breasted mergansers along with some other more common water birds. 

Not my photo of a merganser...

But then it was a few hours unplanned sleep, before tea and more reading!

Soon it will be more sleeping before work tomorrow so I'd better get on with the end of the book!


  1. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thanks for that but sadly it's another quiet one this weekend despite the lovely weather. Grr.. man flu