Sunday, 26 February 2012

Out and about...

This morning we had a plan, like most plans it went a little awry, but all for the better really.

After an early start we decide to head out to Westerwick to walk some of the coast heading north. As we headed west up Weisdale it was starting to look grim. The plan was to go to Westerwick and be heading back in time for the Souper Sunday Teas at Bixter Hall and then go in to town to the museum. 

Trying to stick to our plan and rough timetable we carried on vainly hoping for the best. Then I saw an otter feeding in the ebb stones as we whizzed along side of Weisdale Voe, so we turned and headed back down the road, couldn't see it, so turned again heading back the was we had been headed and there it was! Sat on a rock not far from the shore either feeding or eating at that time. My camera was in the boot (grrr!). Beren jumped through to the front seat to see it. I switched on the indicator so we hopefully wouldn't get hit and funnily enough the otter slinked in the sea and that was that. It was great to see it though.

As we got further west the rain came on stronger so we had an idea to head to Micheal's Wood near Aith as Beren likes playing there. Even rain it's not so exposed as the cliffs. So we parked up. Got sorted and went to go for a walk in there only to notice a sign saying it was closed for the winter! Fair enough they wanted to try to stop the paths being damaged with the wet weather, but it's not been closed before. 

What to do now? There was still an hour until the Sunday Teas and we weren't going to just head home. Eventually we decided to go to the Burn Of Lunklet. Good idea, we all like it there. Clare even joked I could have a skinny dip again as no one would be there on a day like this, but I didn't fancy it, it was pretty cold and for a change we did actually see some people. So we had a nice wander up  and beyond the falls and down another nearby burn hopping and skipping over bog, stones and burn until it was time for grub.

We had a great lunch at Bixter Hall; cullen skink, lentil and ham soup all washed down with tea and home bakes. We could even feel good about it as it was to raise money for the Walls Show in the summer! At least one success!

Now... off to town for our final event of the day; the the trowie fun day at  the museum in Lerwick. We hunted the trowies, coloured them in, made trowie masks, listened to some wonderful fiddle musicand trowie stories and finally enjoyed the fantastic needle work exhibition there before heading back home for a rest!

All in all a pretty packed day and to finish it off I headed down to meal beach on Burra as the evening was drawing in to try some long exposure photography of the waves.

Left end of the beach...

Right end of the beach...

I really would like that very expensive wide angle lens so I could fit all the beach in!

Looking across the bay...

Other than 'needing' the landscape lens I'm after I need a better tripod than the second hand cheap one I have that would be no real use as a pea pole never mind a tripod. Cheap neutral density filters off ebay are rubbish (just like cheap tripods). And I really should wait for the right light to take nice photos!

Any how it's been plenty for one day. I think tomorrow we should laze about...  We'll unless the sun's out!

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