Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Ness of Hillswick

It was a grey drizzly start to the weekend to day, but luckily as my friend and I drove north from Lerwick heading for Hillswick up in North Mavine the sky started to clear to leave us with a lovely day for a walk.

Just after passing The Magnus Bay Hotel, a magnificent wooden building, we turned left down a little road past the shop to park on the East side of Hillswick Ness, near The Booth, which is known as a sanctuary for injured wildlife.

My friend had his daft cocker spaniel 'Teddy' who swam the first few hundred yards as we set off south around the ness. Sadly for many reasons Goose has returned to his original family.

The view looking back was pretty spectacular with Ronas Hill as a wonderful backdrop to Hillswick.

As were the views as we headed down the coast. It's about 5 miles around the ness.

This little bay was pretty cool with under cut rock as the only way in and out.

As was this one.

The whole coast is pretty impressive...


The folds in these rocks and the symmetry of the stacks caught my eye...

Soon we were near the southern tip of the ness and a lonely automated lighthouse...

There are hidden gems of nature everywhere like the little arch down below the light house tot he right...

Heading back north on the western coast The Drongs soon came into sight as well as a great view over to  Dore Holm and Eshaness...

And all too soon it was the last leg back down to Hillswick. We knew this was a fairly easy walk and had thought about an additional wander while we were up north, but decided to quit while we were ahead and my knees were still in working order.

Once I'd dropped my friend off, returned home and pottered a bit Beren and I went for a stroll along Maa Ness in Scalloway hoping for a spectacular sunset. Clouds setting spoiled that, but it was still a lovely start to the evening.

The dredger was still working to clear the main channel in to Scalloway Harbour...

And Beren got rid of a bit of excess energy clambering about on the rocks that line the track out to the headland.

A pretty packed day. We've no plans for tomorrow, other than to hope the weather holds and get out some where while we can...


  1. That 4th picture, the one with the undercut rocks, is amazing. Both me and Trowie saw the same thing immediately. 2 animals, nose to nose. And we both thought about the Galapagos Iguana.
    Yup, we're weird. LOL
    Love your posts.. And always enjoy the pics. :)

    Da Auld Een

  2. Hehe yeh I can see what you mean. It's a great little walk. Cheers :oD

  3. So sad Goose has left you. My labrador died in October and I know what a hole it leaves....thinking of you...