Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Goose at The Burn of Lunklet

It was Up Helly Aa last night, my first time out the house for a few days, tiring but I loved it. Today most things are closed down as it's a public holiday here for people to recover I guess. Clare flew off sooth for a course in London first thing and me and Beren are home alone, but with a daft dog that needs to get out so we wrapped up and headed out for The Burn Of Lunklet off The Alps Road between Aith and Voe. It's great spot for a gentle wander and sheep free so ideal for Goose to get rid of some energy.

Here's Beren and Goose prepared to have fun. Beren was a sniper army man at this point, later on he was Spiderman, Batman and also Optimus Prime! By the way Goose has his seat belt harness on, I forgot to take it off again!

Bang bang you're dead! I'm teaching Goose to play dead too...

What's he seen now...

Nothing actually, but he loves to run and sniff...

Beren the sniper. Erm... may be you need a gun that's not bright blue!

Good Boy Goose!


The falls in the background as Beren and Goose explore. Goose was actually very brave in the water, the dozy dog would jump in to try and get stones I threw in, evil I know, but we all enjoyed it.

I've been here loads as it's a great place to bring Beren and dogs and I knew there was a Raven's nest at the falls, but I'd never seen it. A friend told me where it was last week and I can not believe I've never noticed it before; it's massive and so obvious!

 We just went up to the end of the enclosed section after the falls, crossed over and headed back on the other side of the burn and home for a cuppa.

And saw this on the way home. Sun bursts over Weisdale Voe, WOW Zoom me up! 


  1. Beautiful photographs of Beren and Goose! The sunburst - sublime!

  2. Goose is a beautiful looking dog!

  3. Love Love Love the beautiful scenery - you are so fortunate to live in such an incredible place! Your son and Goose are both so adorable. Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

  4. Lovely pics, Goose is lovely x