Sunday, 12 February 2012

Da Moul of Eswick

Between showers we got out today over to Da Moul of Eswick in South Nesting. I had heard via twitter that there was a big pod of porpoises around Nesting today, but it's a big area with lots of water, so they could be anywhere.

We had intended to go around the moul and carry on around Linga Ness, but a slow coach Beren and day light put pay to that. Never the less we had a lovely walk around this part of South Nesting; another place we'd love to live.

The ground was pretty guttery so Beren chose to tackle this gate way in his own style (it was resting on the ground at the far end). We just jumped and splodged...

Whalsay looked inviting in the distance on this calm day.

 We had great views of Linga Ness on the walk. next time we'll actually get there!

Eswick itself, nestled between gentle hills. We parked just past the houses.

From the top of the Moul of Eswick the views were fantastic on this pretty clear spell in the day. Here looking to Noss and Bressay in the distance over the top of Hoo Stack. 

And over Gletness towards central mainland.

As always Beren had a gun with him and his binoculars too, though today they were lazer gun binoculars! Here he is spotting for Mummy sniper. Bang I'm dead!

 Heading north around the headland. North nesting straight ahead.

And looking back to the lighthouse on the moul with Noss still visible in the distance.

This beach in Es Wick became the end point of our walk due to lack of time and a slow Beren. that was fine though, we'd had a great time.

A large area of the beach was covered in otter prints (top two) along with those, I presume, of a dog that had been running around sniffing them. We never saw any though, not even any people, just lots of Fulmars gearing up for the year.

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