Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Watch Up Helly Aa!

Today is the day, the last Tuesday in January, of Up Helly Aa, or transvestite tuesday as some may call it due to the squads often dressing in drag for their skits. David Nicolson is this years Guiser Jarl.

Here's a photo from the past just before the galley is burnt..

And a time lapse of this years galley, Per Ardua,  being built, including making the head and tail...

The details of the day are on the official site and there is live streaming of the event here, the procession starts at 7.30pm.  Though at the time of writing you can just see people reading The Bill in at the market cross, I wonder what witty comments there are on that this year!

Beren is off with Scalloway Nursery to see the Jarl Squad and Galley on the front in Lerwick this morning along with Clare and his Buzz Lightyear camera, so expect some interesting photos from him! 

I'm at home as I've not been well over the weekend and been told to rest up for a few days, but I am hoping to get in to town briefly tonight to see the procession and take a few pics. If not I'll be watching it on-line too.

Watch this space for some photos of the day from Beren and hopefully me And here's a list of the other Up Hall Aa's in Shetland this year, some of which I hope to get to...


  1. We watched it online. Looked good. But the feed kept dropping out, even on the low setting.. Shetland needs a better upload connection.
    Hope you managed to get there to see it live. :)

  2. Wondered if it would handle it as it was dropping out in the day too. Yes we got there, had a cracking spot. it was a cracking night and it was a great procession. Just sorting out photos...

  3. Hi, Love your blog and dog! We missed out on the Northern Lights, too cloudy!

  4. Thanks for that Julie, some more dog blog pics coming up!