Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Sletts and Bressay at night...

The other night in restless hour or two I went out to The Sletts in Lerwick to mess about with some night time photography. It was a pretty nice night all in all, but a bit misty in the distance and the combination of trying to get a landscape along with streetlights isn't the best idea. Passing boats were a nuisance too,not only appearing during the 30 second exposure and leaving a white dash across the photo but then taking an age to leave the area. 

Anyhow I came away with this long exposure photo of The Sletts, The Knab and Bressay masts and Lighthouse which I quite like...

I'm hoping tomorrow night is equally as pleasant as it's Scalloway Fire Festival, the first of this year. Beren is really excited having made Viking shields and helmets at nursery and counting down the 'sleeps' until the big event. It's funny to think when he first saw a Jarl Squad at Mossbank School a couple of years ago he was, understandably, terrified. Now he can't wait to meet them tomorrow! Secretly neither can I...


  1. Fabulous photo, Kev. Reminds me of a Van Gogh starry sky.

  2. Hehehe now you mention it yeh. Cheers. Been showing some of my friends up here who are quilting your blog, very impressed.