Sunday, 22 January 2012

Northern Lights

Well I've been getting aurora alerts all day via twitter and wondering if the sky would be clear enough for me to finally see the Merrie Dancers and tonight it was. Woo Hoo!

I went out to Maa Ness pas the North Atlantic Fisheries College at Scalloway and took these photos before the cloud came in.

Looking from Maa Ness over the Point of Pund lighthouse...

Looking towards Hamnavoe, Burra, on the left...

A bit despondent that it my viewing was cut short I headed home to look at the photos only to see it clear up out the back of the house. Clare and I got a much better display out back, not really dancing, but vibrant and slowly changing intensities. Sadly with light pollution at the house the photos I took weren't the best, but hey, I've got the memories!

Now to bed zzzzzzzzzzz.........


  1. Lucky you! And just look at all those stars!!

  2. Yeh it weas pretty cool and the best thing is it wasn't a really good show last night so the best is yet to come :o)