Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ness Of Burgi

Happy New Year!

It been a lovely day to start the New Year and we took a trip to the south end, popping in to see a couple of old Brochs near Boddam on the way to the Ness of Burgi to take Clare and Beren to visit the block house there.

It was pretty breezy, but sunny and fairly mild. In fact the low sun combined with the thick sea haze made taking photos a bit tricky, but I got a few nice ones.

Here's a few from Scatness looking back across towards Fitful Head. We ate our sarnies and watched the sea wondering just how rough it would be out on the ness.

And looking back to Fitful head from just before the ridge that leads on to The Ness of Burgi. These are really big waves and were covering most of the ness in foam and spray when they broke.

Near the end of the ness is The Burgi Block House, an interesting spot and a nice one to sit and shelter in for a while. It was stunning out there.

Sumburgh lighthouse from the entrance to the structure.

After a bit of wandering about it was time to get home. The seas were big, but no where near as big as they have been lately. A short while ago 12 salmon cages with around 300,000 fish valued at around £2m were washed away out to sea, seems they're just adrift out there. Some one I knows boat was also swamped on it's mooring an now sitting at the bottom of a voe, that should be interesting to recover. I'm sure there's been much more damage out on the sea too, I know there's been plenty on the land.

Well 2 days before we're back to work, let's hope the weather holds as I'm still wanting to get up to Eshaness for a wander before then...

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