Friday, 20 January 2012

Meet Goose!

He's a very frisky 7 month old collie cross Hungarian Vizsla who's also a secret agent police dog, honest! You can tell by the way he's apprehended Winnie the Pooh here...

It would seem that part of his special forces survival training included drinking from the loo. No bed-time kisses for you tonight Goose!

Really none!

Anyway he's totally gorgeous, we're very lucky to have such a lovely dog  and I'm sure he'll keep us very busy while he whips us into shape!

Now will he sleep tonight...


  1. miss you goose... be good.. and stop drinking out the loo!

    1. goose is fine and is still drinking out the loo.... :)

  2. Yup he really is Auld Een :oD and he's been a very good boy and sticking to his bowl now LOL!