Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bressay; The Grutwick Memorial walk

After moping around the house for the morning wishing the weather was something it wasn't Clare suggested I got out anyway for some fresh air. A hop skip and a jump later and I was walking off the Bressay ferry to be picked up by my friend from Bressay and whisked off for a mystery (to me) walk.

The weather was still pretty grey and drizzly so I left my camera in the car and brought along my mobile in the of chance I might see some interesting places. As so I did.

we were off on a walk  from the Loch of Brough to the Grutwick Memorial. The memorial to a Shetland Coast Guard winch man who lost his life in 1997 after rescuing 10 people from a grounded ship. Bressay History Group erected the memorial and have produced a leaflet for the walk which you can print off.

It's over pretty reasonable ground, not too hilly and takes around 2 hours at a gentle pace. Just the thing for a stroll and a natter.

We parked in a spot along side the loch and follwed the track south past Gorie to the remains of Wadbister over looking a dramatic coast.

 The Loch of Seligeo...

These remains seemed of an archaeological nature, like the remains of a chambered cairn, but there's nothing on the map. There are other remains in the local are though. Noss is in the background.

 Here is the memorial cairn with Bressay stretching away south.

After a short break we headed north up the coast towards the Noss ferry point. The geos  on this stretch of coast are impressively deep and long.

The unmistakeable Noss visible in the gap.

This one has a main channel out to the left and a smaller channel going into the cliff in the middle of the photo. it must have been a massive cave before it collapsed.

The sky started to take on it's lovely evening colours and I wished I had brought my camera after all!

Approaching the Noss ferry crossing point; the wardens cottage on the left of Noss.

Anders Tower looks down over Noss sound.

Here's the remains of Noss Sound Broch, beyond it is the track that leads from the ferry point back up a rough track to the road and eventually back to the car. It'll be good to finally get over to Noss this summer when the warden's RIB is running, failing that a swim might be in order!

The forecast for tomorrow is pretty good just now and we're planning to go for a wander with a friend and their little one, just where we go though is undecided...

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