Sunday, 22 January 2012

Banaminn with Goose

I was due to go for a walk around Hillswick Ness today with a friend,  but he got a call to work, so late morning we all went down to Banaminn beach on Burra for a stroll. I'd already been out for an hour with Goose flinging balls for him on the hills, but he wouldn't complain.

It was lovely when we set off but just as we arrived there was a wintry shower; we decided to wait it out in the car. Here we are minus me; Clare I told you I needed that wide angle lens!

I don't know if Goose has ever been in the sea before, but he's certainly not a water dog. We threw balls and thing for him along the beach before wandering out on to the headland and The Lotra of Minn

There was a pretty impressive sea crashing against the Black Stacks and the Kame of Riven Noup today.

Goose posed occasionally...

And we all enjoyed dodging the waves in a little bay until the waves eventually got the better of us!

 So, wet and cold, it was time to head home as the day dulled...

We warmed up later at a friend's place in South nesting where they were having a bonfire, lovely spot with old stone otter traps on the shore. It was a beautiful evening and a shame to head home to get ready for the working week, but home we headed.

I might be out again later this evening though as the merrie dancers are supposed to be displaying tonight and it's looking pretty clear just now. I'm just not sure I've got the energy left for them!


  1. goose was never a water lover.. only twice he ran into the sea.. first time we were fishing and my little brother pretended to sink with his waders on.. goose jamp in and swam over to him! second time we were at the beach and maisy was splashing in the water.. he was scared for her so he run into the water and stayed with her even tho he was terrified! he was always very loyal and protective of the kids.. he was wonderfull :)

  2. So, Super Secret Agent Police Dog and a Life Guard....Super Gooooose.... :oD

  3. hahahahaha i like that, super goooooose! LOL