Saturday, 21 January 2012

Baby Goose

I just got this photo of baby Goose, he was tiny, even fitted in to a dressing gown pocket. He's not so small now but just as cute. 

Just in case you're wondering he got his name because when he was little his bark sounded more like a goose honking.It's a great name and is well suited to him, though I've not heard him honk yet!

Today he's had a busy day. A trip to the vet to get registered with them in our name and an appointment for the snip, ouch! He wasn't worried to be there; I'm sure he will be with tiem though. Anyway his visit was eased by a few new toys and a few other bits and bobs.

Then it was off to Da Toon. It's an understatement to say it was a bit of a culture shock for him. So many new sights, sounds and people. All in all for his first day with us and his first time on Da Street the boy did well. It was funny to see how hi-vis jackets and pelican crossings freak him out, but he was very good. We even left him in the car for half an hour and he just lay down and waited, didn't even go crazy on our return. Good Goose!

When we got back we took him up the hill behind Berry Farm for a play and walk. Using a flinger thing to launch tennis balls up the hill for him to chase and bring back. He loved it and was a champion at it. Now we know how to scrub of some of his puppy energy; just have to hope the crofter keeps the sheep off the field for a while.

The scary bit for us was leaving him for 3 hours this evening to go to a friends house warming party. Would we have a house to return to, a mess to return to, angry neighbours or a combination of all. Well he was a star. We parked and I crept up the drive listening. No noise. I opened the door, listening. No mad black demon dog raking at the door. I went in the kitchen and he was nice and calm and the house was just as we left it. Super Star Goose!

Tomorrow he'll hopefully be out for a long walk around Hillswick Ness. Fingers crossed for the weather and watch this space...

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