Thursday, 8 December 2011

A new member of the family...

I think the winter weather is getting to me. We've got a new member of the family due to my obvious technical sewing skills and a pair of old socks...

Sadly Clare is not as enamoured with our new family member as Beren and I. In fact when she saw it she said "What the $£$"$%!!! is that evil thing, there's no way that's staying in the house. Just seeing it makes me feel ill!" She says she's seen voodoo dolls that are less scary!

I don't really see what she finds so disturbing about him though. May be she'll grow to love Funky Monkey, may be...

Anyway I think I'll take it back in to work tomorrow and do a bit more work on it with the bairns , or may be make him a friend!


  1. Cool! He definitely needs a friend :-)

  2. I think this reminds me of an episode from 'One Foot In The Grave' when Victor Meldrew tried to make a 'Teddy Bear' from several stuffed toys, using tools unfit for the purpose... An episode well worth watching.......

    But good try Mr Meldrew,,, and yes, Clare is right, it looks like a #%&/(%&¤# ;) ;)

  3. I remember seeing that one I think Auld Een LOL! Making bread today so that will be much better thought of and I hear Santa has got a camera on his list....

  4. haha, what happened to its head? Looks like a scene out of Reservoir Dogs ;-)
    Cool though!

  5. hehehe no idea PA, he is what he is, now named Mr Cuddles LOL!