Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas, Kergord and Ollabery beach...

The weather's been pretty foul of late, no surprises there, things a have been busy on various fronts with Christmas only two sleeps away and for once in my life I've been feeling like I'm in a bit of a hibernation mode. Quite happy to lounge, read and potter.

We have been out for short spells though. Here with Beren's friend playing in the snow in Kergord Woods (his favourite spot). We had a great laugh with them exploring the woods and finally splodging through the burn from the top of the woods all the way down, under trees, over trees and in some cases pretty much through them! All the time keeping an eye out for Gruffalos and using their sticks to check for 'dangerous rocks' and deep bits.

Here they are giving the thumbs up as they shuffle across a chasm high above dangerous things...

And here's Beren emerging out of a culvert at the end of their venture. 

All good fun, which left them soaking and cold but happy and only a quick nip home for more play in the warmth.

Today Beren and I trundled up north to Ollaberry to go to the back beach. By way of Frankie's for a bag of chips to eat in the car before we set off from the church round the headland.

It's just short of a 2 years since we were there with Beren in his pushchair. No pushchair now, just his slightly comical 'stick that mountain men use'! Well he had more sense than me, I left my trekking poles in the car and my ankle know's it.

Doesn't he look like some old bloke stood there looking at the interpretive panel. There was a rainbow in the distance that my mobile didn't pick up, Beren did though and wanted to find the treasure at the end of it!

Heading off down the fault plane to the beach. Funny, no one else was out enjoying the intermittent sleet and persistent wind.

It didn't seem as daunting as last time, I guess not carrying a kid down and up makes life a tad easier.

The reward, a beautiful beach all to ourselves...

Beren played his usual 'King of the castle' games on any rock worth climbing...

And a new game that involved spinning round and round his pole, saying he couldn't stop, until I grabbed his hand and he fell over dizzy, after which he stood up and started all over again. It was hilarious for both of us, especially when the sea nearly got him when he was lying on the ground in his dizzy stupor!

We took shelter from the wind and hail for a while under a pile of collapsed rocks, before continuing to play and wander.

But before too long Beren had had enough and remembered the treasure he had to find at the end of the rainbow, so up we went...

With two hoods and Dad's hat he was wanting to go off in to the distance after the now vanished rainbow. Sneakily I managed to persuade him the other end had been up on the hill (in the direction of the car), pretty much where Ollaberry Shop is. That's where the treasure would be!

So we headed back to the village, the car and the shop, where we found a treasure trove of wagon wheels to eat on the way home!

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve and we're off to the pictures to see Arthur Christmas with friend's and not a lot else. Well, we are hoping that Beren goes to sleep so Santee can come and so am I as I hear he might have a new camera for me. I've been very very good Santee if you're reading!

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