Thursday, 29 December 2011

A break in the weather...

Until today we've had a pretty wild and windy time. I know we've only been here for 3 winters, but it's certainly the windiest I've experienced so far, even in sheltered Scalloway. Christmas eve, day and Boxing Day there were numerous power cuts around the isles. We only had flickering lights and very brief outages, but friends had power off for around 6 hours on Christmas Day and the toll of blown over sheds is high along with several blown off roofs, never mind merely damaged roofs. Apparently the windspeed maximum recorded was 101mph at Sellaneas on Christmas day.

So what with the wind and accompanying rain we've not been out and about much. Mainly watching films, playing with toys, including me terrorising Beren with a radio controlled helicopter, and getting to grips with my prezzie off Santee; a shiny new Nikon D3100 that I have to make sure I don't drown!

We did get out the other day for a walk around Culswick for a few hours, oddly we didn't bump in to any one else. It blew more than a few cobwebs away and we found that many versions of The Grand Old Duke of York can get Beren up most hills! We  also got up Kergord woods for some toasted marshmallows, the only 'person' we met then was the friendly local cat that came for a pet. It's been nice to be lazy for a while.

Getting used to my new camera has meant that the photos I took while we were out and about were pretty dire. I actually got sick of trying to sort them out and just deleted the lot. Don't always trust 'trusted' internet gurus for there advice on setting up your camera, or atleast take them as RAW photos so they can be adjusted.

Today was lovely and sunny, but with a biting North-Westerly wind. Beren and I went off to Papil for a walk on the beach, but in no time he was desperate to get back to the car and out the wind. My hands were nipping too and it was still pretty strong on the coast so we forsook any beach forays on the west for some thing a little more sheltered.

Eventually we ended up at the museum in Lerwick for a Santee treasure hunt. It was great fun for him to find Santee in the display cases trying out his 'summer' job as a crofter, fisherman, laird and the like. All completed to get the reward of a proudly worn Rudolf tattoo!

I managed to grab a few pictures too. My first attempt at taking RAW photos and editing them in Adobe Lightroom. I'm looking forward to getting out on my own some time when I can concentrate on taking the photos with out any rush, but I was pretty pleased with my snaps today.

'Pilot Us'  is an old trawler owned by the museum that I believe can be chartered to take groups out on trips...

'Nil Desperandum' is another trawler owned by the museum...

Here with the Mareel in the background...

And again the Mareel in the background of this picture. I've got to say it was looking pretty cool in the light today. Not the eyesore some claim it to be, to my eyes at least!

We grabbed a bag of chips to park up on the shore near Tesco and watch the sea, birds and seals doing their stuff with the low sun glinting over the water. Beren then led me on a game of 'follow my leader' over the numerous boulders or 'dangerous rocks' on the shore until we'd had enough fresh air for one day and retreated back home for a film and a cuppa. 

Coming into Scalloway the sun was low over East Voe setting the scene for a lovely but icy evening...

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