Sunday, 6 November 2011

West Burra: Seals and Smugglers

Conforming to stereotype, Beren and I took ourselves off for some exploring this morning while Clare did some house work. First stop was Hamnavoe for a bracing stroll to the smugglers cave. 

Beren played 'King of the Castle' all the way there...

And loved telling me I was the dirty rascal!

Down into the cave we went, with a stiff wind trying to blow us back out.

But once inside all was calm, except for the thundering from the waves crashing in the sea ward entrance.

On the way out fireman Beren gave me the thumbs up each step he took up the ladder. Apparently it's what firemen do!

And then he played 'army men' all the way back to Hamnavoe, hiding behind rocks and shooting me when I got near.

Next stop was a favourite little beach on West Burra. It's sheltered with nice sand, shells and seals.

As we approached Beren - true to form - managed to shoo the resting seals and young into the sea, but not before I got a few photos.

As always the seals from the beach just bobbed about keeping an eye on us as we pottered about before leaving them to their beach again. 

Has she got a poorly eye or is she winking at me? The same eye was half closed in all the photos of her.

The mother and young circle waiting for landing, once we'd gone. See the eye?

How cute is this?

And cute ponies from the stud too. Though this bad boy decided Beren was to be challenged and was determined to rush at him when ever he strayed from me.

Well, we've had a busy weekend. All there is to do now is enjoy a nice roast dinner with friends this evening and chill out...

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