Sunday, 13 November 2011

Loch of Tingwall at night

After a windy overcast day the skies cleared last night so I went out and about to try to take some night time photos. I had hoped to get some of the moon and starts over Bressay and Kirkabister lighthouse, but it was still far too windy over there for any long exposures, so I end up at The Loch of Tingwall. It was much more sheltered and Orion was just rising over the hills behind the Burradale Sisters.

I was just experimenting, fumbling in the dark in! The ones I've kept were all 30 second exposures at F 2.8 and ISO 100. The main issue I had was focussing with nothing to focus on, so I put it to focus to manual and took a flash photo or two to check the frame composition and focus as well as I could before taking the long exposure. Any hints on how to do it better will be gratefully received!

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