Sunday, 6 November 2011

Broch of Burraland and Mousa Broch

After a pretty rough week in a reversal of the usual situation the weekend has turned out wonderful with perfect conditions for bonfire night.

We were heading to a community run bonfire on the evening at Levewick, which was a great family event with good grub too, but during the day we went out for a walk.

My first thought was to go to Helli Ness near Aithsetter, but we decided to go and visit the Broch of Houlland in stead. So parking up at Wart we set off round the coast.

You cannot fail to miss Mousa and it's broch as you walk along this bit of coast.

The Broch of Burraland

Mousa from Burraland Broch

Close up of Mousa Broch and the remains of a water mill to the left. You can see it's double wall that you can walk up inside.

 And here's a view of the double wall of The Broch of Burraland with and entrance to it.

Inside the wall

There was otter spraint in every entrance into the wall voids in the broch. You can see fish bones and vertebrae clearly and almost smell the freshness in this photo. Sadly for me while I was taking photos of otter poo Clare and Beren were watching 3 otters go in to the near by geo! Anyway it's definitely a place to return to in future to view the otters. 

 In addition to the otters were hundreds of rabbits and shags on the near by cliffs.

A few boats passed in the sound while we were there, showing that despite appearances there was still a fair swell running through the channel.

Just to show why we need to return sans Beren; harmonicas are not common wildlife spotting aids! Though we did see some field fares, wheat ear and a black cap in addition to being chased by geese, ducks, hens and turkeys at on point.

We stopped to enjoy the beach at Sandwick on the way back as the sun was just starting to fall.


Back in Scalloway the early evening was pretty gorgeous too...

Clift Sound and Burra

Looking out over Trondra Brig towards Foula in the far distance

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