Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Marshmallows and Mushrooms

This afternoon Beren and I stopped off at Scalloway Meat Company for a few snacks and some marshmallows for a little trip to the Forest Of Kergord.

Beren found a light-sabre to scare off any Gruffalos we might see. Seemed to work as we never saw any!

He was also pretty adventurous clambering over that fallen tree you see in the background, with me waiting to catch him, not that he fell.

Our mission was to go to the old house at the top of the woods for a picnic, a fire and to toast marshmallows. He checked out the bridge before I could cross.

Unfortunately his scouting out the bridge resulted in the loss of his toy car into the raging torrent below...

Actually further up stream the burn was a bit livelier, but I think the ferns give away the scale of the deadly falls.

Anyway we safely survived the gloriously autumnal woodland to arrive at the old house and get a fire going.

We even toasted some marshmallows, but Beren preferred them un-toasted and decided all the pink ones were his!

After a while we did a bit more exploring and came across dozens of these fungi. Rufous Milkcap I think, not that we about to cook and eat them. If you can confirm what they are let me know. They were pretty old so probably not the true colour. Bonny though...

These too, Hypholoma Capnoides, I think. Beren was worried that the animals had been munching at them and might have poorly tummies; he might be right as it's very similar to some poisonous ones. I'll stick to field mushrooms, shaggy ink caps and a few other obvious edibles I know.

But his prize find was a baby tree for the tree guard he had found, some sort of white beam I think. We also found a few small horse chestnut trees, but not matured enough for conkers. We'll have to got to the trees in town at Hayfield house for them I reckon.

After that we had a scenic drive home. Mmm... wonder where we'll get to tomorrow...

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