Sunday, 30 October 2011

John Boyne's Burn

After parking up near the Brig O' Fitch on the A970 we went for a wander and a picnic up the waterfalls on John Boynes Burn and with the heavy rain we've been having they were in full flow, cascading down the hillside and peaty brown.

This is the bottom of the falls. We worked our way around and up the falls and the slippy banks.

And up we went...

So lovely and such a lovely day too...

Looking back down to the A970

There are numerous slowly swirling pools between the cascades.

Sometimes even short heather is too long for little legs.

And as the falls were pretty much petering out to the flatter moor top we decided it was time to head back down and see what we could see.

Across the valley the Burradale Sisters did their thing

As did Clare and Beren. Are the balancing or flying planes?

They spied a little eerie...

And sat to admire the view...

It's funny when you drive past on the road it just looks like a barren bog land with the odd peat stacks, but get down in it and you forget the road is there.

 At the bottom of the bank we headed for a likely looking brige. Time for some poo sticks and rock throwing!


And a slow wander back to the car and home for tea. we forgot the clocks had changed and you could tell.

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