Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Flying visit...

Well I didn't get up to too much in the school holidays this time, a few trips out with Beren and a couple of little trips out getting used to my kayak, but mainly resting up still.

We did get away for a long weekend back home though. A quick unexpected visit home and our first time flying to Edinburgh and then hiring a car for the rest of the journey. It worked out well, but the return flight was one we won't forget for a while, or at least the night landing in a force 8 cross wind at Sumburgh. Even when the plane was stationary for us to disembark it was bouncing and rattling about!

Despite the need for our visit home we managed to get out a bit though and I got to have a proper introduction to my daughter's new horse 'Tilly' her wedding present from her husband. 

She was having her first hair cut and not too happy about it. Why Robyn decided to get her clipped in winter I don't know, but she looked pretty silly with a twitch on her to try to keep her calm as the job was done!

Looking all posh it was time for a little photo shoot on a gorgeous day. First up is Faith, my grand-daughter, not at all deterred by sitting on a 16 hand horse...

Beren was happy getting led round too...

As was Clare...

And Robyn put her through her paces in the arena while I looked on feeling a bit too rough and stiff for riding.

Another treat for me was a visit to 'The Woods', when we were kids they were such a major feature in our lives that they were just 'The Woods'. I do miss the woodland from time to time when I'm up in Shetland, but there is plenty to make up for it. 

Along with 'The Woods' was 'The Conker Tree'; still there and still producing conkers, although at a less prestigious rate. 'The Fallen Down Tree' sadly disappeared many years ago.

In The Woods is 'The Bridge'...

standing over 'The Beck'

And not far away 'The Second Bridge'. There is also a third, but only the most adventurous got there when we were kids!

'The Easter Field' still looks over our main entrance to  'The Woods' and 'The Moors' beyond

And going in to 'The Woods' from 'The Second Bridge' gives some great views towards the coast and the last remaining 'shaley' from the iron stone mines, Kilton Shale Tip.

I had a great little wander round my some of my childhood haunts. Next visit I think I'll visit some more of our secret places, though many have now gone and others seem pretty insignificant to an adults eye.

Beren and I also had the chance to visit a iconic landmark of Teesside on it's 100th Anniversary, The Transporter Bridge. A rare breed in the world of bridges. In my first job after finishing Poly I worked for the old County Council looking after Public Rights Of Way, a job I loved, and for some reason was based in an office with street lighting engineers. These colleagues first 'lit' the bridge to provide what is a bit of a night-time spectacle now.

 The company my brother now works for are involved in it's maintenance now and were inviting people to go there for a visit and climb up and across it. Most excellent!

The yellow structure is  the 'gondola' which carries foot and vehicular traffic across the Tees. This amused me as one of my brother's friends thought we were going to cross on a little boat, presumably complete with a cornetto!

It's quite a climb to the top...

And quite a view over Teesside...

Beren seems to have got the idea that smile now means pull a funny face! It might not be obvious but through the big gaps in the railing behind him is a direct drop to the Tees, hence my brothers vice like grip on his arm.

Thankfully, it seems now a days the only people taking the plunge are the bungee jumpers. I do worry about Beren as he was a bit put out that we couldn't go down the rope like they did. No idea where he gets it from!

I would have liked to do a bungee jump, something I've never done, but I'm not so sure about getting poked in the head with a stick at the other end.

Anyway that's all folk from the flying visit 'sooth'. Hopefully I'll be back out and about finding new places in Shetland again soon...

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