Monday, 10 October 2011

Autumn arrives with a bang...

If things have been a bit quiet of late it's because they have been largely due to the weather that has been anything but quiet. 

For the last couple of weeks we've had gales and rain with the occasional breather before it kicks up again. Friends who are going away have been worrrying if the ferries are running and then worrying that they are running, with big seas in gale force 10 winds at times I can understand why. The video I wanted of last monday can't be posted here, but here's a similar one...

Even so, I've managed to get out a couple of times in my 'new to me' Nigel Dennis HV Explorer kayak with my friend who has a kayaking business, Sea Kayak Adventures. No where of consequence, just getting used to it, practising rolling and trying to fine tune the seating for me. 

Here it is on top of the car down at Voe pier this Saturday before the weather returned in force. When the wind and sea drops again I'll be out  and about in it.

I've also had the first meeting of The Shetland Meditation Group. A great bunch of people came along with a range of experiences and we sat for a couple of periods before having a cuppa and a chat. I look forward to our next meeting and may be a few more new faces to join the gang.

It's now the school holidays up here and it's continuing to rain and blow. With a bit of luck Beren and I will still get out to a few places over the next couple of weeks. His favourites are Kergord Woods, Voxter Woods and Michael's Wood (spot a theme LOL) and various beaches; obviously with a suitable picnic in tow. He's also let me know he's pretty keen to go to cafes and different swimming pools; I think I can handle that!

For me I'm still hoping for a calm spell to get out to some of the islands, particularly Outer Skerries and Papa Stour as we can make them as day trips on the ferry. We may even get away for a couple of nights camping or staying in a Bod, but that's not looking so likely just now. The good thing though is that the weather is ever changing up here so there's usually a chance to get out and do something.

So, a period of pottering and taking the air when circumstances allow for now...

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