Monday, 5 September 2011

Wonderful day out West; Silwick and Westerwick

Being convinced that autumn was well and truly here with leaves falling, torrential downpours and some pretty windy spells, yesterday took us by complete surprise. It was stunning. Hardly a wisp of cloud in the blue skies, practically no wind, just warm and summery.

So with such unexpected fantastic weather we made up a picnic and Clare took me out West for a dose of 'the airs'. Even bought me and ice-cream, actually I paid for it, but she suggested it and took me there!

Happily passing the tour buses from a cruise ship that must be in Lerwick we headed off on the lovely drive out to Silwick. We kayaked here the other year with a much smaller Beren, but we've not been land side of this amazing place.

Here's the view looking over Silwick. The big island with an arch is 'Clett' and is really quite massive, some where I'll re-visit in the kayak when I'm able. The shingle beach at Silwick is a grand spot.

Just after we set off we noticed a couple of bad boys watching us. Thankfully things down below are slowly on the mend but it's not long since I felt a bit like he looks. Sadly a big ram was floating in a geo below the cliffs, I've not seen many sheep fallen off the cliffs.

A short but slow potter later we were at a perfect spot for our picnic. Wow!

The bays round this bit of coast from Reawick to Culswick Broch are truly stunning. The birds life has calmed down a lot now; largely fulmars, some great black backed gulls and shags. Out at sea, looking between the stacks, I was surprised to see the ferry the Bigga steaming past. I can only assume it was going to Scalloway, but by the time we got home I was too tired go go and check.

Here she is using the full 30x zoom on my camera.

After lunch we slowly made our way over to Westerwick. It's only just over 1km, but with me, Beren, the views and lunch it took us a couple of hours from the car to get there. Clare actually went back to take the car round to Westerwick for me from here, it took her about 15 minutes!

Beren enjoyed a bit of ruff and tumble in the grass before just being interested in the grass and the bit and bobs he could find there. In the back ground is the western extreme of Westerwick with the big island, Giltrarump, surrounded by stacks.

Down below a couple of seals were enjoying the fine day too.

Here's a panoramic shot of Westerwick with Grossa Stack being the big lump in the middle of the bay. The little bay just to the right of centre is where you come down from the car, another isolated shingle beach. 

We'd all had a great day out and returned home exhausted. Clare zoomed off into Lerwick to attend an excellent talk by  James Naughtie of BBC Radio 4 fame and Beren and I lounged in the lounge. Sadly on her return there was the, now dry, grass to be cut, so after a yummy tea she was out mowing the lawn as the dark descended at about 8.30pm, a reminder that the long summer evenings are well and truly disappearing. 

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