Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekend treat and good enough to eat...

I've been beavering away with my sourdough bread and it's getting better. Today's is definitely the best 'multi-grain' bread I've made ever ever ever and it's so yummy. A real treat for the weekend with some Shetland butter on it.

I did have an experiment with a beer barm bread using a bottle conditioned ale from the Co-op, 'Gold miner', the beer was nice, the bread was tasty too, I'd under proved it and it was a bit on the dense side. If I get to Unst for some wort from Valhalla Breweries I'll have to be less hasty.

I've found really useful, but also terrifying. I'm a bit slap dash with my cooking in general, pretty much done by look and feel, but they are SO specific about everything. Starter hydration, the rule of 240 (or 300 for sourdough), internal temperature at end of baking (at sea level, it's different if you're higher)), the minutiae of the bulk fermentation and on and on...  Never mind all the lush sounding flours that have never seen a Shetland shop shelf. BUT, looking through the recipes and photos of the results it is really worth it.

So my challenge for this week is to track down an oven thermometer and spikey sticky in one for next to nothing and also some unglazed floor tiles (unless I see an old granite work top in a skip!) I should may be go to the 'Ideal Home Exhibition' at Clickimin today, but nah...

There is a problem with baking bread though; it means you eat so much of it! Just waiting for it to cool is a real torment and then it disappears in a flash of knives and butter and you have to make the next one!

Other plans for the weekend revolve mainly around food too with 'An American Brunch' at Muckle Roe Hall tomorrow and may be followed by a Knitting and Spinning Sunday tea at Whiteness Hall. In between I'm probably getting a little exercise trying out a kayak from my kayak expert friend up in Vidlin.

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