Monday, 26 September 2011

Way out West

Sunday was another lovely but windy day up here and Beren and I went for a run out West to visit a few places that should have been a bit sheltered from the southerly wind. They weren't that sheltered, but the wind was pretty warm.

Our first stop was out at Melby over the water from Papa Stour; and between the Shetland and Papa Stour is Forvik, the mighty independent kingdom of Captain Calamity  AKA Stuart Hill. Pretty much a grassy skerrie with a couple of wooden huts on it. Forvik is just the grassy foreground, the back ground is Papa Stour.

He know's he shouldn't, but Beren took advantage of a near by wall while I was taking photos. No wall was harmed in the process. The Neap of Norby is in the background where there's a great beach we'd be visiting.

Here it is again with the Holm of Melby out in the bay...

And the south end of Papa Stour across the Sound of Papa. I hope to visit there on the Saturday ferry some time soon and in the kayak too at some point.

After a potter around Melby we drove off to park at the top of Norby Beach. A great expanse of beach with grand views, but a bit dour looking with it's dull red sands compared to the like of Meal Beach.

Papa Stour in the distance, the Holm of Melby and The Neap of Norby...

Looking back to Melby...

While we were out here I thought to drive a little further out to Bousta as it looked like and interesting spot on the map. On the way we passed a house with the Faroese Flag flying, a new one for me. It also had a little hillside settlement for trowies in the drive way along with 'welcome' in several languages!

Here's the cosy harbour at Bousta

And another first, a wo-wo ferry - walk-on-walk-off! I like it out this way. I'm not sure if this is left over from some summer fun or what. It's very intriguing...

We sat for a while on the end of the jetty, dangling our feet and looking in the clear waters.

The it was timne to start heading back with the intention to visit Stanydale Temple on the way. Passing Burga water a strange white circular feature stood out in the loch. A dun, or old Celtic Fort

At Stanydale we parked carefully at the edge of a passing place and I moaned and groaned as I splodged up the hill with Beren on my shoulders passing remains of an ancient settlements until we arrived at the quite impressive Stanydale Temple.


The two holes with rocks around them in the middle are thought to be for poles that once held a massive thatched roof over the whole building. it must have been an impressive building in it's day. All around the area are remains of other structures and standing stones.

The afternoon was wearing on and I was shattered and still had to carry Beren back to the car over the welly sucking ground, so we bid farewell with plans to return and show Clare our discoveries some time.

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  1. Awesome that picture of Beren climbing the wall - it's like he's stuck to it :-) Good on ya Beren!