Sunday, 18 September 2011

Long name for a little burn...

Plans are plans and subject to change. So this afternoon I found myself parking up in Wester Quarff to go and look at a waterfall on 'The Burn of The Glen of Quarff', a bit of a mouthful , but a nice place for a wander and a chance for a few photos. It's also a recce for taking some of the kids I work with out and about as there's a geocache up there, actually a few in the area.

As you wander up the burn there are a series of small arched concrete bridges over little cascades. Fairly decrepit, but an added interest in their overgrown state with rusting corrugated sheeting hanging down.

The burn is tiny, but lovely none the less, with a touch of peat in the water from recent wet weather.

It's not long before you approach the main  waterfall, cascading down into a narrow gorge.

I held out the camera on it's tripod over the falls for this one, didn't dare lean any further.  

Above the falls the burn is less deeply cut, but still tumbling over the bedrock, 

weaving it's way,

 and splitting like atoms.

Down in the valley 'The Burn of The Glen of Quarff' joins 'The Burn of Quarff' and continues west to the sea in Clift Sound opposite Burra and Trondra.

When I got back to the car it seemed daft not to go to the end of the road as I was nearly there, so to the the end I went.

Looking east back up the Quarff valley.

And looking north; Trondra to the right and Scalloway in the far distance. 

There's another nearby waterfall on 'John Boyne's Burn' that I want to check out soon. It runs down to near the Brig O' Fitch from Gossa Water in the hills behind Sound. I noticed it the other day from the road and also came across it on a photography blog today. Looks interesting...

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