Friday, 9 September 2011

Bod of Nesbister

I was just looking through some photos and thought I'd post these of The Bod Of Nesbister on Whiteness Voe south of the A971 as you head out west.

I've not stayed there. I know as with most bods it's pretty basic with no electricity and has an outside portapotty (personally inspected), but it does have running water and a stove.

What I do know is that it's a wonderful spot to wander about, bird watch, fish and generally hang out. I think we'll have to book ourselves in there for a weekend before the season ends. It's only a few miles from home, but staying out there and having a fire on the ayre will be great and Beren would love it. 


It'd be a bit more than a nuisance if someone thought it'd be a joke to bar you in! There is another door, but that has an external crossbar too...

And looking north up the voe.

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