Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bits and Bobs and Bressay

Well first things first. I'm taking a step in a new direction on Shetland with the starting of a fortnightly meditation group in Scalloway. To help generate some interest for it and provide information I've got another blog for The Shetland Meditation Group. I do hope enough folk come along to make the hire of the hall viable and I get the chance to sit with others up here in Shetland, if not at least I tried. So if you're interested have a look at the new blog and come along.

Today has been a gorgeous day and we all went over to my friend's croft on Bressay. Despite my earlier than planned wake up call for them we had some fun 'felling' a redundant telegraph pole, logging it up and then trying to remove the stump from the park. Luckily his plucky little Grey Fergie came up trumps to help us lift and drag the pole out the ground. Clare enjoyed having a drive of it and me and Beren had a little tour around in the link box to save our legs.

This isn't my friend's one, but it is the same...

We also paid a surprise visit to The Maryfield House Hotel for lunch, it surprised the owners, but they were very accommodating and the food was fine.

Clare has been to Bressay for work purposes, but never to have a look round, so after lunch we did a whistle stop tour of the island for her to see some of the places me and Beren have visited in the past. We'll definitely be back one fine day with a picnic and plans for some more intensive exploring.

I did have crazy thoughts of getting the ferry to Outer Skerrie tomorrow for a wander, but after the work, fun and sun of today I'm a little frazzled, so I'll just rest now and see what tomorrow brings...

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