Thursday, 4 August 2011

Symbister, East Burra

There's a lot of places up in Shetland with the same name, it can get confusing at times, but Symbister on East Burra has a unique loveliness.

I wandered out there today just as the sun was starting to get some heat through. I had intended to go out to the end of Houss Ness and investigate the caves and arches there, but I got waylaid at the remains of the farm stead at Symbister and dozed in the sun.

I assume it was still a bit foggy on the East side of Shetland as the clouds were hanging over the Clift Hills across Clift Sound.

Here's Symbister and The Houb (bay) looking north towards Bridge End

The mushroom to at the right of the photo above reminded me of the 'Mermaids Tables' we get carved out of rock on the coast back 'home'.

Clift Hills in the distance and burnt mound in the foreground. There are a few around here. Mounds of old discarded cooking stones. The stones were heated in a fire and then dropped into pots to heat water and cook. When they broke up they were just tossed to form the burnt mounds common on Shetland.

An Arctic Skua was around about and harassed by the few remaining terns from time to time.

Looking south back across The Houb to the remains of the houses. The little finger of land that forms the enclosure of The Houb is a beautiful place to sit. At it's end is a circular bit, raised and grassed over with circular high tide marks around it, very cool.

It was too hot for me to be out and about long. Not expecting it I'd no cap or sun screen on; that combined with a nap on the banks left me hot, red, tired and grumpy by the time I got home. God help me if I lived some where where it actually does get hot!

In other news today:

School Exam results would have been a day late due to yeasterday's fog delaying the 'paper plane'. But, they arrived on the ferry today and the fantastic Posties up here put in an extra effort to get them out to the anxious students and parents. Well Done Posties!

This made me laugh as my Mam was so confused when she couldn't get a paper at the shop one time during bad weather when she was up; 'there were none at all!' She told me. When I said 'well the paper plane won't have been' she thought I was winding her up until I explained.

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