Saturday, 27 August 2011

Home Alone...

Boo Hoo, poor me, life sucks, blah blah blah....

I'm currently home alone, out of action -still-  wondering why on earth I decide to have a vasectomy and hoping the antibiotics kick in soon as I want to be back at work, on my feet and sleeping would be nice.

For all I've had my 'poor me' moments, life's not bad really. This too will pass and I'll soon be back on form.

One benefit of it has been a reminder that I'm so glad I don't have a TV. It's been bad enough being sucked into watching hours of fluff on the computer. Even having the chance to be very selective with myriad of 'interesting' things to watch on On Demand channels and YouTube is driving me mad. Only so much reading, TV and sofa a guy can take.

Luckily, after the resentment of captivity I'm now seeing it as an opportunity to sit (or lie) zazen more, listen to Dharma talks and reflect on things. Also I'm getting a damn good rest. 

In The Litany of the Great Compassionate One there's a section I always find very empowering:

                            Thou hast a weapon within Thine hand, hail!
                            Thou hast the Wheel within thine hand, hail!
                            Thou who hast the lotus, hail!

We have the 'facilities' to choose how or if we react to things, to stop, and live in the present rather than focussing on what could or should be. Not that it's always easy or an easy choice!

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